Leveling Your Washer & Dryer: Essential Tips

Leveling Your Washer & Dryer: A Comprehensive Guide

Ensuring that your washer and dryer are properly leveled is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. An unbalanced appliance can lead to noisy operations, excessive wear, and even premature breakdowns. For residents of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell, here’s a detailed guide to properly leveling your appliances, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently. At Appliances 4 Less Boise, where we offer a variety of home appliances including washers and dryers in open box, scratch, and dented conditions, we understand the importance of proper appliance setup.


Why Is Proper Leveling Important?

Leveling your washer and dryer stabilizes the appliances, preventing them from vibrating excessively or “walking” across the floor during operation. This not only reduces noise but also minimizes stress on the components, which can extend the life of the appliances.

Tools Needed:

  • Level
  • Wrench or adjustable pliers
  • Shims (if necessary)

Step-by-Step Leveling Instructions:

  • Position the Appliances: Before you begin leveling, ensure that your washer and dryer are in their final positions. Consider all aspects of installation, including access to electricity and water.
  • Check Initial Level: Place a level on top of your washer first. Check both side-to-side and front-to-back to see if the appliance is even. Repeat this process with your dryer.
  • Adjust the Legs: Most washers and dryers have adjustable legs. These can typically be turned by hand or with pliers to raise or lower the appliance. If one side is higher, adjust the legs so that the appliance sits flat according to the level’s indication.
  • Recheck with Level: After making adjustments, place the level back on top of the appliance in both directions. Continue to adjust until the appliance is completely level.
  • Test for Movement: Once you believe the appliances are level, manually test by pressing down on the corners and observing any movement. If there is still some rocking, further adjustments may be needed.
  • Tighten the Lock Nuts: Once your appliances are perfectly level, make sure to tighten the lock nuts against the body of the appliance to secure the legs in place. This prevents the legs from shifting out of position over time.
  • Run a Test Load: Finally, run a test load in the washer and observe. Watch for any excessive movement or noise, which might indicate that further adjustments are needed.

Benefits of Leveling Your Appliances:

  • Reduced Noise and Vibration: Properly leveled appliances operate more quietly and with less vibration.
  • Decreased Wear and Tear: Minimizing vibration helps prevent unnecessary stress on mechanical parts, extending the life of your appliances.
  • Improved Performance: An unbalanced washer may not spin correctly or may spin slower, affecting cleaning performance.

Taking the time to level your washer and dryer can greatly enhance their efficiency and longevity. This is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of appliance maintenance. For those in the Boise area looking for high-quality, cost-effective appliance solutions, Appliances 4 Less Boise offers a wide range of options that may include slight cosmetic damage but function perfectly. Proper installation and maintenance can ensure you get the most out of these appliances.

To learn more about maintaining your appliances or to explore our inventory, visit Appliances 4 Less Boise or check our website at While we don’t offer online shopping, our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you with all your appliance needs in person, ensuring you select the best products for your home.

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